February V.I.P. Award- Mr. Nolan Chaline


Congratulations Mr. Nolan Chaline!!!



Nominated by Christine Gobert



A retired Houston policeman, Mr. Chaline is a V.I.P. dedicated “WATCH D.O.G.S (WATCH - Dads of Great Students)” volunteer at Jean C. Few Primary School.  Mr. Chaline has dedicated his Wednesday mornings to the students in Mrs. Gobert’s K306 class. From the time he arrives at 7:30am until his departure as 12:00 noon, Mr. Chaline is actively involved in the students’ academic learning as well as their moral and social development.  Being a devoted listener, the children thoroughly enjoy reading their books to him, sharing a special event, or just talking about Life.  Assisting the children with their breakfast and lunch, testing their counting skills from 0-100, quizzing them on their ABC’s, or going on a field trip to the Lufkin zoo, Mr. Chaline shows a great deal of energy in working with our little people. Throughout the day, you can hear the children recite Mr. Chaline’s favorite quote “LEARNING IS FUN!” .  When time permits, Mr. Chaline takes the eager children to the Kindergarten playground on sunny days or the indoor Commons Area for creative play on rainy days. Pushing them in the swings, teaching them how to take turns when shooting the basketball, or getting a shot from a 5 year old surgeon are all obvious signs that everyone is having a grand time!

We are fortunate to have Mr. Chaline watch over our students as he performs the duties of a Jean C. Few Primary School   - - - - - -

                  “TRUE BLUE WATCH D.O.G.S. VOLUNTEER!”